Our Medvalistas now want to get together in person after successfully creating relationships virtually. Image a neighborhood block party held after months of quarantine. That’s what it’s going to feel like in Denver November 1-3… our first of many gatherings of the entire village.

Imagine an only-in-Medvale experience of having two days and nights of intimate access to hand-picked international health delivery influencers… leaders who are all there to help you and your organization become all you want to become. The price of admission is $3000 AND giving a five-minute interview about you, your company and what you hope to get from the attendees.

You’ll be uplifted by our venues. We’ll be gathering, eating, drinking, and sleeping (a little) at The Source Hotel in the trendy RiNo district of Denver.

Your favorite hangout there will be the Medvale Lounge where you can have all the one-on-ones with your new collaborators early in the morning over coffee and late at night over a glass of wine.

This bespoke summit conference is designed to uniquely add value to your Medvale membership in a highly cost effective and efficient way.

You’ll have the opportunity to --

  • go for a walk with a new mentor (or mentee)
  • at any of our many meals together sit next to a decision maker who could buy your service or help you put a deal together
  • micro-pitch what you are doing and ask for any “needs and leads” from you new friends
  • participate in panel discussions
  • dive deep during breakouts and with small cohorted groups at meals
  • find a specialized resource through a Medvalista
  • meet Tiago!

You’re not going to get this at a typical conference.

Medvalistas by definition are busy. We respect your time and have pushed much into a short timeframe. We’ll kick off at a social hour Wednesday evening and release you before lunch on Friday.

Make prior plans to meet up with Medvalistas of interest. Scheduled next to a weekend, please come early and stay late at the hotel’s Medvale discount of $204 per night.

Train + Uber from DIA to The Source Hotel

  • Leave your gate area and follow signs to baggage claim and airport exit
  • Take the tram to the baggage claim area
  • Follow signs to "Train to City / Transit Center"
  • Buy a one-way ticket at the kiosk ($10.50 or $5.25 for seniors) -- there is also an app called RTD Denver but it is a bit clunky and gives incorrect arrival times for trains
  • Board either train (tracks 1 or 2) -- both go to Union Station (your destination); light rail trains run every 15 minutes
  • Light rail ride is about 35 minutes with stops
  • Get off the train at Union Station
  • Walk out to the street and to the right to the Uber pickup area
  • Uber/cab to The Source Hotel (3330 Brighton Blvd) -- approximate Uber cost, $7-$8

Approximate Times:

  • Gate area to RTD Train: 20 minutes
  • Wait time for Train: 5-10 minutes
  • Train Ride: 35 minutes
  • Uber ride: 10 minutes

Approximate cost for Uber only (depending on time of day): $42-$52